2021 MAFCA National Tour Registration


Please NOTE:  We have been informed of some issues with using an iPad for Online Registrations.  We highly recommend that you complete the registration using a regular computer, and Chrome, Firefox, IE, or Edge browsers.

Registration Option 2 - Online / Electronic Form:


Registration Option 2 has three (3) steps you must complete.  PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS ON EACH STEP THOROUGHLY


Step 1: You will fill out the basic Registration Form and submit it online. 

Step 2: You will complete the Waiver and Release form (PDF) online.  You (and any others coming on the tour with you) must  sign the Waiver and Release form.  It can be filled out online, then you must print the form, sign it by hand and either email or mail it, via USPS to the address provided. 

Step 3: You will select the Event Registration Items you plan to participate in, and complete your payment of those items through the checkout process using PayPal. 

Your registration is NOT complete until you have submitted your signed

Waiver and Release form and paid your registration fees.

Please note: All cancellation refund requests will reflect a $30 cancellation fee.  Requests for refunds must be received by June 12, 2021; refund requests received thereafter can not be honored.

If you have questions regarding registration, please call Dave Libbey at (774) 293-0085 or email him at david.libbey@gmail.com.

STEP 1: Complete Registration Form:

You will fill out the basic Registration Form and submit it.  When you receive acknowledgement that it has been submitted, please proceed to Step 2.