2021 MAFCA National Tour Registration

STEP 2: Complete Waiver and Release Form

Click on the PDF icon, below.  Please print the Waiver and Release form, each participant needs to sign and date the form. (The printed names and dates can be filled in online before printing, if desired.)  


Once Waiver and Release form has been signed and dated,

it can be scanned and emailed or mailed via USPS.


Email the form to:


or mail the form to: 

Registrar, MAFCA 2021 National Tour

P.O. Box 168

Melvin Village, NH  03850

STEP 3: Select Event Registration Items and Pay

(you must complete this step for your registration to be accepted)

If you have questions regarding registration,

please call Dave Libbey at (774) 293-0085 or email david.libbey@gmail.com.