2021 MAFCA National Tour Registration

Registration will close on June 10th for the tour.  Registration for the tour must be postmarked or made online through the website by June 10th.   Please note there is no onsite registration for the tour.

You need to be  a member of MAFCA to register and participate in this tour.  If you need to join, please click the link below to submit your membership request

MAFCA Home  Page: http://www.mafca.com/

To register for the tour, please read the information below and then click the appropriate button below to register either by paper form / mail, or by the online/electronic registration form / fee payment option.

You have two registration choices:

Registration Option 1 - Paper Form and Mail:

Registration Option 1 will allow you to complete fillable PDF Registration and Waiver and Release forms.  You will be allowed to enter your information directly into the form, then print, sign, and mail them. You may also print the blank forms, fill them out manually, sign and mail them. The completed Registration form along with signed Waiver and Release Form and your check for the amount of your registration fees should be sent to the address below. Please do not pay online if you choose this option.

Click Button Below For Option 1

Registration Option 2 - Online / Electronic Form:


Registration Option 2 will allow you to fill out the Registration Form and submit it online, as well as fill out the Waiver and Release form online. You must physically sign the waiver, then either scan and email or mail it , via USPS to the address provided. If you submit your registration form online, you MUST pay your registration fees online via PayPal. Your registration is NOT complete until you have submitted your signed Waiver and Release form and paid your registration fees.


There are three steps and several screens in the online registration process. Your registration is not complete until you have completed all three steps. It is better to start the process only when you are ready to complete all steps. If you don’t complete the entire process in one session and leave the session open on your computer, you can continue from that point later. Otherwise, you will have to restart from the beginning – there is no option to save completed steps and resume later if you leave the registration webpage by closing it or navigating to another page in the Tour website. However, there is no downside to restarting other than you having to do added work.

We recommend that you have this document and the registration process each open in a separate window. An easy way to do this is to download and open Helpful Hints in one window while having the registration process open in a second window. You can then switch back and forth between the two windows without interrupting the registration process.

Helpful Hints Document

Click Button Below For Option 2

If you have questions regarding registration, please call Dave Libbey at (774) 293-0085 between 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM EST or email him at david.libbey@gmail.com.